Create a Homework Nook Your Kids Will Love

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1. Put supplies on a pegboard
Clever cure for desk mess: a wall-mounted organizer with adjustable, add-as-you-go pegs. Display clean, serene art—no concert posters or family photos, which “can trigger downshifting and distract from the work,” says Julie Morgenstern, the author of Organizing From the Inside Out.


2. Add task lighting
Even with good overhead lights, a desk lamp is key. It draws attention to the textbook or laptop and keeps it there.


3. Need a shared study area for younger and older kids?
Lining a wall with one long desk and two chairs side by side may look nicer, but it’s smarter to place two desks on opposite walls. Kids tend to focus better in a back-to-back setup, says Morgenstern. Have two desks on the same wall? If you can, space them at least a foot apart to create a barrier.


4. Stock only one kind of pen
Eliminating the eenie meenie to pick out a pen (or a pencil) aids productivity. “Those types of microdecisions can cause kids to lose their train of thought,” says Morgenstern.


5.Create an all-in-one unit
Intersect a desk with shelving for a sleek, storage-friendly workspace. Keep active tasks on top (in folders labeled by subject) and graded pieces below (archived in magazine holders).


To buy (numbered from photo above): 1. Peg-it-All storage panel, from $190, 2. Lacquer Storage Desk Set, $1,500 (includes bookcase), 3. Don Diego table lamp with bell shade, $80, 4. The Mid Century Wood Eiffel side chair, $95, 5. Water-color sheepskin, $249,